QLDC has developed the eDocs website as an information portal for the fast and transparent accessing of Building Consent and Resource Consent information. The service is guided by the legislative requirements of Section 217 of the Building Act 2004, Section 42 of the Resource Management Act 1991 and the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987. Because of this some consent documents may be excluded from public searches and will not be accessible via this service. Some documents may also not be electronically accessible due to their age or data transfer limitations. For this reason please do not rely solely on this information to make decisions as we do not guarantee that eDocs provides a complete record.
eDocs Development: The new eDocs website is undergoing a period of development which may result in changes being implemented. These changes are part of a continuous improvement effort to provide an enhanced interface and better search functionality for the public. If you have recommendations for improvement please share your feedback with us at services@qldc.govt.nz.
Documentation Limitations: Many properties have a significant number of very large files associated with them which can cause issues with data transfer and downloading. In these cases, we recommend that you search by consent application number rather than property. You should also search by consent number for those Resource Consents that have no property associated with them (e.g. lake or river based activities). If you are unable to locate a particular building or resource consent please email services@qldc.govt.nz for assistance.

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The service is part of an "open-data" approach to making Local Government information more readily accessible to the QLDC community.

It aims to provide an easy means of accessing Building Consent and Resource Consent application information.

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We are still working to improve the search process and as a result some searches may take longer to retrieve documents than others. Please be patient while the searches are processed.

eDocs allows you to search for Building Consent and Resource Consent application information using a property address, property id, valuation number, building or resource consent numbers.

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